Medical Insurance Policies

With the fast paced world we live in today, we interact with much more people in so many different places, one is apt to feel the need for medical attention. In this situation, one will need to feel safe in the security of a medical insurance policy that covers the expenses of a devoted & qualified medical practitioner. Medical Insurance is designed to provide one with peace of mind & a sense of care when seeking attention from a medical professional at a decent cost & effective manner.

Warba Insurance offers the most comprehensive array of Individual & Corporate Class Medical Insurance options to provide peace of mind & security when one is most vulnerable.

Our products in this segment are:

Private Individual Health Policy

Third Party

Medical Insurance Policy custom-made with all benefit options.

Brief Write-up
Individual Medical Insurance financially protects you and your family dependents if they were to suffer ailments

Inpatient, Outpatient, Dental & Maternity

KD 5,000/- & KD 10,000/-

WAPMED acts as nodal agency between insurance companies, insured members and the network providers for rendering the right service, at right time, to the right person, at a right price. To secure the task of lasting cooperation with insurance companies, WAPMED has developed a prudent mechanism of channeling the necessary resources by emphasizing on the common goal enhancing mutual trust with the network providers i.e. hospitals/clinics/diagnostic centers. WAPMED products include administering health insurance policies for individuals and groups; administering tailor made health insurance policies for corporate and large groups & designing and implementing self funded healthcare packages for large groups.

IHI Single/Annual Travel Plan

Third Party
IHI Bupa

Best available International Travel Insurance for Individuals

Brief Write-up
International travel can be an exciting adventure, but it can also bring many unpredictable situations if you should need medical care while you’re abroad. This policy provides citizens and non citizens with extensive coverage and other special risk insurance resources to ease the stress of an unfamiliar culture or medical system.

Mandatory- BASIC COVER
This option provides you with the following benefits:
Unlimited medical cover
In-patient treatment
Out-patient treatment
Mugging and assault
Compassionate emergency repatriation
Compassionate emergency visit
Statutory arrangements in:
case of death
Home transportation of the deceased





AETNA – Individual Policies

Third Party

Worldwide Medical Insurance Policy.

Brief Write-up
Individual Medical Insurance financially protects you and your family dependents if they were to suffer ailments.

Inpatient, Outpatient, Dental & Maternity

USD 1,600,000/-

About AETNA:
Aetna is one of the leading American Insurance Companies in the world. Over 160 years of experience, including over 30 years in the international market under Aetna International. Offering rang of plans and optional benefits through IHP & Regional plans. Online and mobile member tools – . One of the largest direct billing networks in the world.