FGA Insurance Policies

For many, planning for an unexpected harm causing event is a stressful exercise. Whether the harm is a Personal bodily injury or made to the assets, insurance coverage is essential to alleviate its effects. FGA Individual Insurance is designed to provide security of a carefully crafted insurance policy that will help them to overcome the obstacles when the unexpected event occurs.

Warba Insurance Company offers a range of options from its FGA insurance portfolio which encourage individuals to face the challenges encountered today or in the future with a feeling of security and peace of mind when it is needed.

Insured’s Premises’ Property All Risks Policies

Householder's Comprehensive Insurance:

This policy covers loss or damage to the insured household properties and contents in dwellings caused by Fire, Theft, Water damage and other allied perils including theft by violent and forcible entry/exit.

Personal Accident Insurance

To provide compensation in the event of the death of or disablement to the policyholder due to an accident.

Travel Assistance

To provide the insured and his family medical and travel assistance coverage whilst abroad including hospitalization and repatriation.