Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

General Counsel

General Legal Counsel

Chief Financial Officer

Assistant CEO – Finance

Assistant CEO – Human Resources and Administration

Assistant CEO – Information Technology, CSN

Assistant CEO – Group Life and Medical

Assistant CEO – Fire, General Accidents, Marine and Reinsurance

Assistant CEO – Motor

Assistant CEO – Production, Branches and Individual Life.

Mr. Anwar F. Al-Sabej

Mr. Mohammad R. Al-Alban

Mr. Ahmad M. Abdou

Mr. Arvind K. Mathur

Mr. Moustafa Taher Abdel Moneim

Dr. Saeid Karam Dashti

Mr. Abdulraouf Abdulwahab Alwazzan

Mr. Osama Salem Alwazzan

Mr. Meshari Mansour Alnasheet

Mr. Khaled Salah Almutawa

Mr. Mousa Ali Al-Najadah

Governance, Risks and Compliance

Chief Governance, Risks and Compliance Officer

Governance and Compliance Manager

Development and Research Unit Manager

Information Security Unit Manager

Mrs. Suzan A. Abdulrahman

Mr. Hesham Ali Abd Elmonem

Mr. Amit Mathews

Mr. Mohamed M. Ewiss